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Team Fortress Classic

Team Fortress Classic is the successor to the popular Quake multiplayer mod Team

Team Fortress Classic revolves around two or more teams with players assuming the
roles of nine distinct classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The
goal of the game is to complete map-specified objectives, earning points for your
team. The team with the most points at the end wins the map.

The main gametype of Team Fortress Classic is capture the flag, where teams must
retrieve the glowing standard from the enemy's base and return it to their own.
Other game types include territory control, where a team gains points for the number
of command points held; attack-and-defend maps where a team advances for capturing
specific locations on a map; and Hunted, where a map-specific tenth class must be
protected from enemies (usually snipers) by a group of bodyguards. Team Fortress
Classic's objectives are only limited by map design; there are numerous other gametypes
available across the 200+ official and community-made maps.

Team Fortress's classes are designed for a wide range of playing styles, and designed
to augment the team in a specific way.
  • Scout
    The scout, fastest class on the team, but with the lowest health and armour,
    and sub par weaponry. The scout's primary goal is to complete objectives with
    the utmost speed and agility: dashing in and capturing the flag at a rapid rate,
    securing command points before the enemy team has a chance to react, etc.

  • Spy
    Deadly and accurate, the sniper's job is to pick off enemy forces before they
    even get close. Their high-powered rifle can zoom in to 20x magnification, paint
    a red dot on the target, then charge up a high-caliber bullet that is almost
    a guaranteed kill at maximum power.
  • Soldier
    Soldiers are the all-purpose fighting class of TFC. Suitable for both offence
    and defence, the soldier boasts the second-highest health and armour in the
    game, moderate speed, and a devastating rocket launcher.
  • Demoman
    Need something destroyed? The demoman is the guy to call. His primary weapons
    are two types of pipe bomb: ones that explode on impact OR after a set amount
    of time, and pipe bombs that can be remotely detonated with the push of a button.
    The demoman can also use detpacks, which allow them to open up new pathways
    in specific maps.
  • Medic
    Medics are the healers of Team Fortress Classic. Speedy enough to charge through
    the battlefield to get to injured players and equipped with a life-giving medipack,
    the medic is an invaluable member of the team. For offense, the medipack holds
    a deadly surprise for the enemy team--it infects them with a lethal virus that
    will spread through the enemy ranks by touch.
  • Heavy Weapons Guy (HWG)
    The heavy weapons guy is everything his name implies. He's big, he's slow, and
    he carries a massive minigun. With a whopping 300 armour, the HWG is the brute
    of any team.
  • Pyro
    Serving as both executioner and cremator, the pyro has one job: burn things.
    This class can sow confusion and panic among the enemy, setting fire to anyone
    and anything unfortunate enough to be caught in the path of their flamethrower
    and deadly fire rockets.
  • Engineer
    The engineer is the best man on the defensive line-up. This hardhat-wearing,
    wrench swinging, cigar-chewing class can build beneficial machinery to aid the
    team, such as armor and ammo dispensers, teleporters, and the most important:
    the sentry gun, an upgradeable, automated weapon of insane firepower that tracks
    the enemy and blows them to bits.
  • Spy
    Watch your back when the spy is around. This class is as devious as it is deadly,
    with the ability to feign death, disguise as any class (both friend and foe
    alike), and deliver fatal backstabs with a flick of their knife.
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