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Day of Defeat

Day of Defeat is a World War II multiplayer modification for Half-life available
on PC. Day of Defeat attempts to recreate WWII battles in both fictional and
non-fictional environments. It puts you in the shoes of either an Allied or Axis
soldier circa 1944, Western Europe.

The overall goal
of the game depends upon the map - whether it be to capture an area, defend a
beach, or simply destroy the enemy. The maps included with DoD will give players
endless hours of replayability online.

The game puts you in the middle of the battle fought between the Allies
(America) and the Axis forces (Germany) across a series of realistic maps. There
are several different character classes on each side, each with their own
weapons, strengths and weaknesses so choose wisely. The maps are excellent
reconstructions of actual battle areas that of authenticity to WWII. Creative
design and textures fill all of the maps in DoD, and challenging objectives such
as destroying a point, or classic capturing of flags. Coupled with Day of
Defeats superbly realistic camouflage of the layer characters and the ability to
lie prone you really have to keep your eyes open and your wits about you. This
all helps to build a superbly atmospheric mod.

DoD implements certain features which differentiate it from other games, making
it stand out from the crowd. It goes for more realism than most with a stamina
meter meaning you can’t go leaping about the place like some crazed Easter
Bunny. Also if you get shot you might incur a flesh wound that will see you
bleed to death if you don’t apply your bandages to it pretty swiftly. Every
gunshot, explosion, scream or shout echoes through the map on which you play.
Unlike other games, there is no background ambience that plays on a loop;
everything you hear is going on somewhere. Rather than it just sounding like
you’re in a war zone, you actually are in a war zone.

Weapons are
modelled on authentic originals they used in the world war and the sounds and
actions are very realistic. The models have been made to accurate
representations of the real ones. There is infinite respawning which means you
don't sit out for a round like in Counter-Strike, you are always in the action.
The first person to die on your team will start a timer, this timer will
continue to count down and any team member that has died during the timer will
respawn when the timer is up. Then the timer will restart again when someone has
died. This system ensures that you will always spawn with your team.
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